Site Map for

I researched a few chef websites and the food network to see what type of information they provide on their sites. I was able to create a site map for Here is what I came up with:


CSS Styles

I was really struggling with the assignments for week 6. I am glad that Jamie did a demonstration in class. It really helped me to understand CSS and how to create the different styles for a website. I am practicing with what I learned on a website I am revising for a client. I hope to have it posted by next class. The website is: The redesign is easier to navigate. He was having some problems with the website stating it was downloading malicious information. It had some type of virus. I have never had this problem. He wanted to just start from scratch. His previous website had a flash intro and banner and navigation buttons, but I am not sure if that was the source of the problem.

I am working on doing cupcakemama over as well as the other parts of the assignments.

My Midterm Project

I have beeen researching what I would like to do for my midterm project. First I was thinking about doing a website on moonshine. I think that would have been a great product to market. Based on the research moonshine is not legal, so the site I would have created would have marketed it as a legal rum that the public can purchase without the hassel of going to the deep dark areas of the forest in the south.

Although my first selection was great, I decided to do a subject that I enjoy photographing: food. I work for UCLA Hosuing & Hospitality Services Marketing & Communications department. I have the pleasure of photographing the many culinary dishes prepared by our cooks. I will be creating a website on Chef Miguel Garcia. I have been researching a few cooking websites and chef websites to get an idea of the content. I have many photographs of his food. I need to do some photographs of him in action, obtain some recipes, and create a bio on him. I am waiting to see if Jamie thinks would make a good project. If not, I will have to continue my search.

Here is my design of


Sub Category

Sub-sub Category

2 Column Design

I enjoyed this exercise. I really did not know anything about 2 or 3 column design. The information was very helpful. Here is what I created.

Redesign of

I forgot to post my redesign. I took the feedback I received in class and created a slightly different look. I added some color and a few links that were missing. Let me know your thoughts.

Revisions of

During class we reviewed everyone’s redesign of Each design was different and amazing. Everyone is very creative in their thinking and it showed in their design. The feedback I received from my classmates was great and I a working on making the revisions based on their suggestions. I am having a difficult time finding the images that I need, but the night is still young.